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Reception and the furniture of the waiting room


We met with Clouds architect Akvilė to design and implement the main space of the Lvov business center. We have offered different concepts of furniture and solutions to meet the expectations of architects and the customer. Also, we focused on the design of the reception to ensure that the idea was executed with quality and that the furniture was sustainable. Finally, the client chose a solution that connects the streets like a square.

In this way,  along reception furniture was created. It was a real challenge to make such seemingly simple furniture in high quality. The body part of the furniture had to fit perfectly with the pre-cast and prefabricated concrete slabs, so the whole furniture had to be pre-calibrated during the production by fixing the concrete slabs, so that they were up from the floor. Later, the double superstructure was covered with natural granite slabs.

The interior of the reception furniture is double. Mobile panels cover all the engineering parts and are very convenient to operate. They are easily removable if there is a need of change. This simplified the maintenance of the furniture for the customer. The panels are easy to install and create the "clean" image the most of our customers seek.

The soft part was implemented with furniture from partner LD Seating, which stands out with its perfect upholstery. The space is large, grouped into zones for customers with different needs.

There are also a few non-standard sofas that have merged into the space and stand out with their quality.

The tables are mobile, so it's even more convenient for the waiting people. Painted and veneered surfaces were perfectly joined and covered to look like made from a solid material.

The project will soon be complemented by unique Ferreira de Sa carpets from Portugal and Foscarini chandeliers made to fit individual colors and dimensions.

We are happy to have contributed to the creation and implementation of this space, from the idea of the project to the carpets.


NT Slėnis rekomendacija_foto.JPG

UAB Meretum has invested a lot of time in looking for a solution that satisfies us. The proposals were prepared promptly and smoothly. We were informed about every step of the furniture manufacturing process. At the end, we received high-quality furniture and, most importantly, we received them on time.


Director Karolis Tuinyla

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