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Chairs renewal project  


The customer had purchased high-quality chairs, which were selected and adapted to the interior of the library in detail. After nine years of intensive use, the wooden parts of the chairs were worn and broken.

This generated a problem to the customer, how to replenish the reserve of existing chairs without spending a lot of money, which would fit the existing interior.

During the implementation of this project, the client did not want to ruin the thoughtful interior of Alma and Rolandas Palekas.

We, UAB Meretum, offered to renovate the chairs, thus saving money for the university, preserving the old chairs, and not changing the existing interior in any way.


The shape of the wooden parts and the blanks of it were painted with the original color, the chairs were dismantled, repainted, and the broken parts were replaced with new ones. In this way, the chairs were refurbished to look like they have just been purchased, and they will serve for another nine years or maybe more.


In this project, we have implemented what we aspire to achieve in every job we take – for the customer to purchase a quality product that will last not only for today and tomorrow, but will stay for future generations.


Mindaugas Kukuraitis

The task UAB Meretum was given, has been done with great care and attention, on time and with quality. We are glad that we were provided  the highest level of specific service: the needs of the client had been taken into account to the maximum, and solutions that are compatible with the interior of the building and are environmentally friendly have been offered and implemented.


General Director Irena Krivienė

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