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Interior reconstruction project


UAB Meretum contributed to the reconstruction project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAB Infes and for 6 months worked together with the main contractor, UAB Infes, architects Ramūnas Grubinskas and Roma Bernadišienė and the client, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the customer's needs, 25 non-standard cabinets in niches were designed and manufactured. UAB Meretum has perfectly solved the issues of cutting and installing the details of the finishing panels next to the moldings in the heritage premises, which were different in each premise.

UAB Meretum coordinated with the customer and architects the design and production of curtains and blinds. The height of the curtains was 5 meters. The carpets were designed according to the idea of ​​the architect Roma Bernadišienė. UAB Meretum's partners Ferreira de Sa has produced a solid carpet, 26 meters in length. Arch-shaped glass partitions were installed and met all safety requirements. Later, the design of graphic applications was created, manufactured and glued, according to the architect's idea. Meretum also took care of the design and manufacture of cast stone washbasins, the supply of electric soap dispensers, paper towel trays from Israel and the integration into furniture. The security posts were fitted with materials, coming from military factories in Germany, bulletproof glass and bulletproof drawers with sound equipment. A stage with storage drawers and stairs was also solved, manufactured and constructed.

Throughout the process, UAB Meretum took all the responsibility for coordinating the project with UAB Infes, the architects and the client.



UAB Meretum was responsible for the whole process and took all our requests into account. They took care that the project was implemented on time and in high-quality. They delved into the needs and expectations of the customer, the architects, and the project developer and coordinated the process with the customer, the architect, and the manufacturer, thus saving us endless time. And, most importantly, our project was implemented with a lot of care.


Manager of Construction Projects Martynas Gylys


All the meetings with UAB Meretum were particularly constructive, the communication was sincere and benevolent. Jurgita Neverdauskaitė listened to every remark of both the client and me, the architect of the project. All tasks UAB Meretum was given,  were performed quickly, accurately and creatively. 


Architektė Roma Bernadišienė

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